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Welcome to the Surf Shop.

Mike Sciarra started Kona Surf Company 50 years ago as a grass roots style business hand shaping surfboards that were blasting out of the shop faster than he could make them. Today, Kona Surf Company is stronger than ever. Keeping up to date with the latest trends and newest technologies, our surboards are synonymous with quality, style and functionality.

Kona Board House carries a wide range of different surfboards for various conditions and skill levels. All of our stock models are dialed in and perfected by Mike Sciarra and test driven by our team members. Check out the types of boards we offer below.

Surfboard Types


Our shortboards are beefed up for maximum speed and super fast turns. These boards are for advanced surfers in big waves. The shape, size, fin set-up, rails, tail shape are all super important details for a skilled rider to find a great fit for their style and we stock an awesome variety.

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The Groveler is a hybrid surfboard. It lives somewhere between a Fish and a Shortboard. It may not have the quickness of a shortboard but has the performance of the Fish on small days. Our Grovelers are designed for a variety of surfing conditions. Check them out and see which one is right for your style.

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The Fish is a great intermediate board. If you have mastered your balance on a long or softboard and looking to step it up, check out the fish. Increased volume helps you catch small waves, the unusual width helps the rider balance and the split tail is built for speed.

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For those of you who have been through the long and the short of it, midlength surfboards are super popular for being real stable yet have a good amount of manueverability. With their full nose and low rockers, these boards perform best in small to moderate surfing conditions.

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Longboards are the kings of stability. These boards are suitable for all skill levels. Long surfboards are an excellent first board for beginners to develop technique and style. If you have been renting or borrowing your buddies boards. We recommend that you start here.

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Weekend warriors and newbies click here. Are you interested in surfing? Do you want to learn how to surf in the safest possible way? A softboard is the lightest surfboard with the most ability to catch waves with the maximum amount of stability.

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Just go to the beach and have some fun with this one. Bodyboards are designed to ride the waves while laying down. They are easy to transport so you can always have one with you. Once you're hooked you are not going to want to be at the beach without one.

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Dude, don't ding your deck. Everything you're going to need to keep your board in top performance shape; fins, boardbags, leashes and several barrels of the latest and greatest.

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Stay insulated this winter with one of our neoprene wetsuits, hoods, gloves, or booties.

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Kona Board House

Our sales staff are on-board to help you with any questions. Give us a call or stop by the shop during business hours.

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